I relaunched my blog because ONE: it needed it, and TWO: I got really burnt out…

Hi Friends! Some of you may know, or just noticed, that I relaunched my blog. I want to share my open and honest thoughts with you guys…

I pretty much realized that I was posting just to post and a lot of the content I was putting out into the world didn’t have a ton of meaning to me (and probably other people). Like, sure.. photos and fashion are fun, but I really got sick of posting photos of myself. I didn’t care that much about ME and I didn’t find much reason anyone else should either.

You could say it was a transitional season in my life and a huge epiphany that there is SO much more than just clothes and product (although those things are great too).

With that being said, my blog is still about style and still features my favorite brand collabs, but now has a plethora of posts with topics such as philanthropy in fashion, self growth & self love, meditation, nontoxic beauty products, health, and travels.

Tis the season to launch because I’m also launching my own company called Soul Shapers, which is a complete other journey in itself, but I’m enjoying every second of the adventure and I’m soaking up every moment of growth and education.

Enjoy and don’t be shy! Feel free to send any questions, collab inquiries, feedback, or just a “hello”!