Wild & Free

Photos By: Taryn Kent Jacket By: Wild and Free       


Photos By: Livio Mancinelli     


  Mirage 1 from alden steimle on Vimeo. Mirage 2 from alden steimle on Vimeo.

Lost Palms

  Photos By: Taryn Kent    


35mm Photos By: Ben Christensen      Mini car wash adventures that happen when you run into photographer friends at art shows. Thank you Moschino for the happiest shirt on

Fuzzy ’80s

Photos by: Taryn Kent    


  Photos by: Livio Mancinelli      

Jungle Relief

Unforgettable dreamy jungle wanders with good friends and photographers, Nicole Hill and Renata Stone. Nica will always hold a special place in our heart. Many thanks to Maderas Village for building

About A Girl – Free People Feature

  For those of you who don’t already know, and want to know more.. here are a few extra things to discover about me via my interview with Free People. View

Free People Sur La Sol Retreat

A few months ago, I was insanely blessed to join Free People as an influencer on their FP Escapes retreat to San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua. I quickly discovered

Yin & Yang

  Photos by: Cole Barash     Shot in NYC.  

Starry Eyes

She’s got pigtails, smokey eyeshadow, and stars in her eyes. All inspired by America’s Independence Day and a single vintage bikini.. Photos by: Taryn Kent     Be sure to find some