Launching Soul Shapers

So here it is, it’s launched. Soul Shapers, my passion project and dream company has come to life.

It’s only the beginning though, and I have so many mixed feelings: excitement, fear, joy, satisfaction, doubt, ecstasy, wonder, curiosity… But I know that two things are for certain: 1. these feelings are OKAY, and 2. I have no regrets.

Photo by Serena

These two things tell me a lot about myself and about the beginning of this journey.

Without going crazy and blabbing on a bunch of tangents, I’m basically realizing that I am finally learning to be okay with how I feel. If I feel something negative, that’s okay, and I am learning to forgive myself. I usually tend to be really hard on myself when I feel worried or anxious, which usually transpires into a downward spiral and helps nothing. I also recognize that generally feelings of excitement and natural highs, don’t always last in ways we wish it would. Reality often strikes, and can bring us down to our lowest lows.

With that being said, patience along with nurturing your soul, mind, and body are crucial to carry on and continue our adventurous lives with grace, curiosity, fulfillment and contentment.

There will always be the ups and downs, and we say this again and again– it’s up to us to perceive the waves in a way that allows us to keep going in the best and happiest way possible.

As for Number 2, these feelings pretty much go hand in hand with Number 1. The fact that I have no regrets, is really just confirmation (for me personally) that I’m truly learning everything I just described. Through the anxiety and fear, I am finally learning to see the good, focus on the positive, and go with the flow. Amen to that!!

Photo by Taryn Kent

I’m grateful for every moment of this experience, and cannot wait to see where this journey takes me, and the rest of the Soul Shapers community.


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